Shed size Calculator

We list our Garden Sheds in Imperial “Feet” sizes.

The Sizes used are those given to us by the Shed Manufacturers.

To convert Feet to Metres Multiply by .3048
Example 6 Foot = 1.82 Metres

To convert 1 Metre to feet then Divide by .3048
Example 2 Metres = 6.56 Feet.

Shed Dimension Size Syntax. 

Most Gardens Sheds are described by the Factories in a Nominal Size based on the Outside Roof Dimension to the outer corner points of the Roof.  So the Actual Inside Dimensions of the Shed or Building will be smaller.

The Reason Shed Sizes are given this way is because often times a customers will have a Gap prepared for the Shed to fit into  and if the inside of the Shed was quoted then the shed might not fit into the Gap.   Please also look at the Full Base Size and other Dimension Detail provide in the full Product description. 

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