25 Litre Drum Of Dipetane Fuel Treatment


25 Litre Drum Of Dipetane Fuel Treatment

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25 Litre Drum of Dipetane Fuel Treatment

Recommended Mix Ratio 1:200

So 1 Litre of Dipetane Treats 200 Litres

Dipetane Diesel Treatments Bring Engine Benefits

Eliminates Diesel Smoking
Normally, visible diesel smoke is caused by partially clogged fuel injectors that drip fuel into the chamber instead of atomizing it. The dripped fuel doesn’t burn well resulting in black smoke. With Dipetane’s ability to keep your engine running clean, you’ll never have to worry about clogged fuel injectors!

Easy on the Cylinders
By reducing carbon particles, the “wear particle” responsible for the majority of engine wear, is also reduced. Oil stays cleaner from carbon soot and because fuel is more completely burned, oil dilution is reduced.

Removes CCD’s
Combustion Chamber Deposits (CCD’s) absorb oxygen, increase combustion temperatures and comprise the “wear particles” that scuff cylinder sleeves. Free up that oxygen and the chamber burns fuel like new. Remove the wear particle and the engine lasts longer.

Dipetane Can Also be used in your Oil Fired
Central heating System

Save up to 10%

Laboratory Tests by the University of Ulster showed an improved heating oil efficiency of 10.45%.


Longer Boiler Life

Dipetane improves the boiler lubricity, reduces wear and tear resulting in a longer boiler life.


Less Smoke

Up to 50% less smoke will lead to a reduction in external Emissions and no impact on neighbours.


More Efficient Boiler

Due to the better boiler lubricity less frequent boiler maintenance will be required.

Dipetane is Unique

It is a fuel treatment technology that is unique. It enhances the combustion process by burning more carbon. This results in more fuel efficiency, minimal carbon deposits and lower exhaust emissions. It is uniqe compared to other additives in that it is activated before and not after combustion occurs. In contrast other additives are all post combustion technologies, containing toxic chemicals with strong hazard warnings.
What is Dipetane?
Dipetane is a 100% hydrocarbon liquid fuel treatment as opposed to an additive. It contains nothing that is not already in the fuel. Dipetane assumes the characteristics of the fuel it is treating. It is a single product for all fuels. It has its own lubricant and it complies with all relevant British and USA Standards, including low sulphur fuels. Dipetane is “self-mixing” . That is to say: just add Dipetane to your fuel and that’s it.
No Detergents
No Cetane Enhancers
No Octane Boosters
No Heavy Metals
Physical Properties of Dipetane
Boiling point: 300-450° C
Flashpoint (closed cap): 193°C
Viscosity: 18.27 centistokes at 40°C
Density at 15°C: 0.8623 kg/L
Dipetane conforms to all relevant standards
Chemical Properies of Dipetane
Copper corrosion: Classification 1 according to IP 154/84
Ash content: 0.02% w/w
Calorific value (gross): 19,660 BTU/LB 47,730 kJ/kg 10,927 Cal/g

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