Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Raf Model 1/48 Scale DieCast


Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Raf Model

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Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Raf Model

1/48 scale pre-finished.
Die-cast metal with a minimum of plastic.
Professionally painted.
All markings pad applied for superb results.
Canopy slides open.
Comes with a pilot that can be removed.
Comes with display stand.
Landing gear is fully retractable and can be displayed up or down.
Propeller is metal.
Extremely sought after by collectors.

The Hawker Hurricane was the first British single-engine fighter and the first single wing aircraft
with retractable landing gear as well as an enclosed cockpit and 8 machine guns. The Hurricane
went into operational service in December 1937 with the RAF 111 Squadron. The Hurricane is
usually over looked as a major player in the BoB because of the Spitfire but 80% of the 1,792
German aircraft shot down were because of the Hurricane. There were 14,533 Hurricanes
produced in all variants.

No. 303 Polish Squadron was formed in July 1940 and deployed to Northolt on August 2, 1940
where Zdzislaw Henneberg joined the unit. No. 303 was equipped with Hawker Hurricanes and
began official flights on August 24, 1940. During the first 7 days of operations the squadron
scored almost 40 enemy aircraft. By October 11, 1940 the unit claimed 126 kills. A ceremony on
December 15, 1940 credited Henneberg with 8 kills and awarded him the DFC. On April 12, 1941
Henneberg went MIA.

Specifications for the Hawker Hurricane Mk. I
Manufacturer Hawker Industries
Country UK
First Year of Service 1937
Production _ 14,583
Crew 1

Length 31.4 ft (9.57 m)
Wingspan 39.99 ft (12.19 m)
Height 13.12 ft (4.0 m)

Empty 4,982 lb (2,260 kg)
Maximum Take-Off 6,446 lb (2,924 kg)

1 x Rolls-Royce Merlin III 12-cylinder Liquid-cooled Producing 1,030 hp
2 Bladed Propeller
Later Production Powerplant 3,164 x Merlin III producing 1,029 hp with a Three-Blade Propeller
Maximum Speed 318 mph (511 kmh / 276 kts)
Maximum Range 460 miles (740 km)
Service Ceiling 35,991 ft (10,970 m)
Rate of Climb 2,520 ft/min (768 m/min)

Early Production
Hardpoints 2
Machine Guns 8 x 7.7 mm Colt-Browning in Wings
Later production
Machine Guns 8 or 12 x 7.7 mm Colt-Browning in Wings
Hispano Canons 4 x 20 mm in the Wings
Bombs Under-Wings
2 x 250 lb
500 lb
8 x Unguided Rockets Under-Wings
2 x 40 mm Canons Under-Wings

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