F14Am Tomcat 160347, Iriaf, Islamic Republic Of Iran Air Force 2014- Diecast 1/72 Scale Model


F14Am Tomcat 160347, Iriaf, Islamic Republic Of Iran Air Force 2014- Diecast 1/72 Scale

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F14AM Tomcat 160347, IRIAF, Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force 2014- Diecast 1/72 scale

True 1/72 scale.
Professionally painted.
Great attention to detail.
All markings are Tampoed (pad applied).
Option to display the model on a stand that is provided.
Model can be shown with the landing gear in the down or up positions.
Optional armament provided.
Canopy can be displayed open or closed.
Pilot figure included.
Extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic.

The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a twin-engine, variable sweep wings capable of supersonic flight. 
The aircraft is crewed by a Pilot and a Radar Intercept Officer who share the tasks of navigation, 
target acquisition, ECM and weapons usage. The Tomcat was operated by the United States 
Navy and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force only. The name Tomcat is said to come from the 
call-sign used by Vice Admiral Thomas Connolly which conformed to the USN tradition of giving 
Grumman aircraft feline names.

The first 2 of 79 Grumman F-14 Tomcats were delivered to Iran in January 1976. Along with the 
aircraft Iran also received 284 AIM-54A Phoenix missiles. In 1980 an eight year war broke out 
between Iraq and Iran where the F-18s played a major role in Iran winning the air war. Irans top
F-14 pilot scored 11 victories. Later in an effort to extend the life of the F-14 aircraft under went a 
modernization program (MA) and 3-6049 / 160347 (cn H-49) was the first aircraft to receive the 

Specifications for the Grumman Aerospace F-14 Tomcat

Role – Carrier-based multi-role strike fighter

First Flight F-14A 1970, F-14B (F-14A+) 1986, F-14D 1990

Last Production Year F-14D July 20, 1992

Number All Variants Produced 710

Crew – 2 (pilot and radar intercept officer).

Type F-14A F-14B (F-14A+) F-14D


Length 62 ft 8 inches 62 ft 8 inches 62 ft 8 inches
Wingspan (Swept) 38 ft 2.5 inches 38 ft 2.5 inches 38 ft 2.5 inches
Wingspan (Unswept) 64 ft 1.5 inches 64 ft 1.5 inches 64 ft 1.5 inches
Height 16 ft 16 ft 16ft

F-14A 2 x P&W TF-30-P414A F-14B 2 x GE F-110-GE-400 F-14D 2 x GE F-110-GE-400
Maximum Thrust
F-14A 34,154 lbs F-14B 56,400 lbs F-14D 56,400 lbs
Maximum Speed
F-14A 1,544 mph (Mach 2.38) F-14B 1,544 mph (Mach 2.38) F-14D 1,544 mph (Mach 2.38)
F-14A 50,000+ ft F-14B 53,000+ ft F-14D 53,000+ ft
F-14A 1,730 nm F-14B 2,050 nm F-14D 2,050 nm

F-14A 40,104 pounds F-14B 41,780 pounds F-14D 43,735 pounds
F-14A 72,000 pounds F-14B 74,349 pounds F-14D 74,349 pounds

1 x MK-61A1 Vulcan 20mm cannon

Maximum Weight 13,000 lbs. Of Combined Ordnance
Air-Air Missiles
6 AIM-7 Sparrows
4 AIM-9 Sidewinder
6 AIM-54 Phoenix

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