Us Self-Propelled 155Mm Gun – M40 1/35 Scale Kit


Us Self-Propelled 155Mm Gun – M40 1/35 Scale Kit

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US Self-Propelled 155mm Gun – M40 1/35 Scale Kit

This is an assembly model of the U.S. Self-Propelled 155mm M40. It is a never before seen subject in the Tamiya line-up of 1/35 scale models. The kit uses all new tooling with the exception of the suspension parts as they are from the M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight” model kit. The M40 was a significant step in U.S. Army artillery mechanization, pairing the M1 155mm gun with the proven M4 Sherman chassis. Armor was light given its intended use as a long range weapon (they were effective up to 23.5km) away from the front line, while the layout was changed from the M4 to allow a big fighting compartment at the rear to accommodate the big gun. It was fitted with smooth horizontal volute spring suspension (HVSS). Over 400 were produced before the end of WWII; although they never fought in the conflict, one example of their T83 prototype did. The M40 served in the Korean War, and was eventually replaced by the M53.

Construction typeAssembly kit
Photo-etch partsNot included
Special feature 1Length: 305mm, width: 91mm.
Special feature 2Realistic surface textures include cast differential cover and hull side steel plate.
Special feature 3The big 155mm gun is recreated with exquisite detail: where possible, the construction method of the actual weapon is copied. Depictions of hydraulic dampers include metal outer tubes for a super-realistic finish.
Special feature 4The rear gate can be assembled up or down (when the gun was fired it was usually down, and the crew on it or outside). Individual pulley parts are included.
Special feature 5HVSS is succinctly and accurately reproduced, and combined with effective, hassle free belt type tracks.
Special feature 6A range of accessories include separate shell and propelling charge depictions.
Special feature 7Includes photo-etched parts to recreate engine grilles.
Special feature 8Comes with 8 figures, and 2 marking options recreating Korean War 937th Field Artillery Battalion M40s.

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